OSU Building Identification

OSU Building Identification

Signage Replacements

Building identification signs are an often overlooked but critical feature to wayfinding on campus. As explained by University Sign Coordinator Steve Malone, the sign is often paid for by a construction project with the maintenance falling to the departments or building occupants. That means the standard has often been loosely applied across projects. This project represents the University’s ambition to refresh the sign standard. The departments have been removed from the signs and the location is made more in line with the primary public entrance. This permits better flexibility and mobility, respectively.

Our project team was responsible for project management, design, engineering and construction administration support. In order to maximize the project budget, we prioritized the signs by replacement, refurbishment and relocation. The construction portion of the project was awarded through a general contract. Thanks in part to bid favorability and shrewd prioritization of sign replacement, our team nearly doubled the budget’s sign allotment.

Wayfinding & Signage in Collaboration with Berberich Design

The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH


Project Area
~220 Signs