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OU Stocker Center

Roof Replacement and Masonry Repairs

The existing roof systems for the overall building included SBS, Fully Adhered EPDM, PVC, Asphalt Shingles and Clay Tile. A number of leaks had been plaguing the building for several years and BDT was tasked with identifying the source of the leaks across a wide range of roofing systems. Using Thermal Imaging, Drone Photography, Moisture Testing, Masonry testing (rilem tests), test cuts and exploratory demolition, we developed a profile for the building and identified the source of the problems. The existing clay tiles had reached their life span and a number of copper flashing details at critical junctions had aged and failed.

Due to budget limitations, a clay tile “lift-and-relay” option was not possible so BDT provided the University with a number of other options, finally arriving at a repair scope including 50-year shingles over vented nail base at the slopes and a 30 year fully adhered EPDM roofing for the flats. This combination brought the project in on budget and eliminated on-going leak issues.

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