Stewart-MacDonald Office Building

Stewart-MacDonald Office Building

Building Renovation and Signage & Wayfinding

StewMac is a manufacturer and distributor of guitar parts, kits, supplies and accessories. This renovation project included all areas of the four-story building located at 21 N Shafer in Athens, OH. The goal of the project was to relocate all StewMac satellite functions and shops to one building and remain operational in the city of Athens, Ohio.

Exterior work focused on replacement of sealants and repainting of wooden door and window trim. The majority of the alterations were on the interior in the form of fixtures, finishes, loose furnishings, and space planning. Beyond all new finishes, the building received extensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades. Building-wide, all lighting was upgraded to LED, high efficiency heating and cooling was installed, and all new plumbing systems and restrooms were constructed. Each floor was dedicated to different departments in order to maximize efficiency of StewMac’s workflow.

BDT also provided a phased graphics and signage & wayfinding package. Phase 1 included exterior and interior wayfinding. Phase 2 further incorporated the StewMac brand into the building through graphics and displays. Designs ranged from vinyl wall coverings, to ghost signage, to historical displays.

Wayfinding & Signage in Collaboration with Berberich Design

Photo Credit: Scott Marx


Athens, OH


Project Area
50,000 SF