Superior Hardwoods

Superior Hardwoods

New Office Building

When a business that sells premium building materials is in the market for a new building, it’s especially important for branding to be reflected in the built environment. Superior Hardwoods desired a low-maintenance, dramatic design that would withstand harsh Midwest weather—and inspire clients.

BDT began with familiar forms silhouetted on the Ohio landscape, especially weathered, vertical barns. By borrowing the simple line of shed and gable roofs, and complementing them with bright, galvanized standing-seam metal, the design recalled both the materials of this place and the hardwood industry.

Inside, signature hardwoods were installed with a raw, unfinished look to add to the natural feel of the building. Metal accents and actual saw blades adorned the interiors to reinforce the industrial side of the business. By enhancing this intersection of natural and industrial, BDT provided Superior Hardwoods with an office unique to their brand that also met their functional needs.

Superior Hardwoods

Wellston, OH


Project Area
4,700 SF