BDT Foundation's Purpose

Our purpose is to give greater care than expected to communities, organizations and individuals in need. With emphasis on the built environment and preservation of the natural one, BDT Foundation intends to fund grants and support projects aimed at realizing a more equitable society within in the regions BDTAID, Inc. practices.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization:

    • to provide design assistance to communities and individuals who are unable to afford professional design services;
    • to provide opportunities for participants to engage in sustainable building practices and consensus decision making through exposure to architecture and the design process;
    • to sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote equity within the regions BDTAID, Inc. practices.

Previous contributions include:

    • AIA Columbus
    • Arc of Appalachia
    • Athens Conservancy
    • Center for Architecture and Design
    • Columbus Neighborhood Design Center
    • Friends of Metro Parks
    • Glouster Revitalization Organization
    • Habitat for Humanity SEO
    • Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio
    • Stuart’s Opera House
    • WOUB